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Phentermine Effects

Phentermine is one such drug that it can affect each and every user in its own way.

While taking Phentermine for the first time many people experience some or the other kind of symptoms like sleeplessness and nervousness but these symptoms gradually fade away as the medication is continued over a period of time. Some other side effects of Phentermine include mild notations, nausea, upset stomach, constipation or dry mouth or blurred division. But these side effects gradually subside with the stretching of the medication further. It is not necessary that all the people taking Phentermine must be experiencing the same kind of side effects.

Alcohol increases the side effects of Phentermine if you take it along with the medicine. There are some other rare side effects also which has been experienced by the Phentermine users like difficulty in breathing, severe dizziness, chest pains and swelling from the retention of water. If you experience these symptoms it means that you are allergic to Phentermine. If you experience these symptoms you should at once go to your physician and get yourself checked up.

In all, the side effects of Phentermine can be listed as follows:

Effect of Phentermine on the Elderly: The elderly people who are obese and overweight and have the likely chances of contracting the diseases linked with obesity can take Phentermine to reduce their weight. But very little studies have been done on the side effects of Phentermine on the elderly adults, hence the side effects of Phentermine on the adults above 60 years are not known.

Effect of Phentermine on Children: Phentermine is not advised to be taken by children who are below 16 years in age. There had been some incomplete tests on children and hence it is not advised to the children yet to take Phentermine for reducing weight. Phentermine should not be included in the diet plan of the obese children because the long term risks of Phentermine can hamper the growth of the children.

Effect of Phentermine on Pregnant Women: Phentermine is a strong medicine and hence it is not meant for the pregnant ladies. Moreover pregnant women should not lose weight as they require to nourish the foetus growing inside their womb. Therefore Phentermine should not be included at all in the diet plan of pregnant women.

Phentermine and Lactating Mothers: Use of Phentermine (or other appetite suppressants) while breast-feeding is NOT recommended; it may pass into breast milk, causing unwanted effects in nursing babies. You must consult your doctor before deciding to take the medicine.

Phentermine and its Effect on Sleep: Some people may feel that they are not getting proper sleep after they have started taking Phentermine. Hence if you confront any sleeping trouble with Phentermine intake then just check that whether you are taking your dosages once a day or not and if yes then try to take your dose in the morning itself rather than taking it before going to bed. If it is a problem for you to take Phentermine during day time then take the medicine at least 8-9 hours prior to your scheduled sleep time. If you are taking two dosages of Phentermine then please do remember to take the second dose at least 4 hours before the scheduled time of your sleep.

Phentermine and Stomach Problems: If you have stomach problems while taking Phentermine then take the medicine with a glass of milk or some light snacks. For e.g. a piece of toast, some biscuits, or a few small pieces of fruit . This will help you to prevent the stomach irritation and other related stomach problems